Consumer society and mass media manipulation

You have to be conscious about how much the capitalist, consumer society influences you, your behaviour and your lifestyle, mainly through publicity. Listen to experts on the topic and their analysis on the issue, then write an essay on the topic to give it to me.


We have investigated where and how objects are manufactured worldwide. Laura Alvarez has created this research. Click on the pictochart for a better view.

image                      image

Watch this video and the others related on how polluting the fashion industry is and how can you, as a consumer, make it more sustainable. We will talk then about the importance of clothes and about raising the consciousness about what we wear.


Women achievements are hardly ever recognised, when they should be even more recognised than others as they had to work in harsh conditions. Nobody helped them. Translate their achievements to tell the class. Distribute the women: each students will talk about one of these discovery women.

33 inventos de mujeres

Día de la Mujer y la Ciencia

Siete científicas que cambiaron el mundo, en el #DiaMujeryCiencia En Materia

Publicada por El País en Sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017



In 2ºBACH you have to study the history of the big philosophers. Pick a lesson, listen to these lessons and report next class to your classmates what you learnt. You can start with Plato or Stoicism.

As a follow up homework I also recommend to watch at home the spanish TV series MERLÍ, which is about a teacher of philosophy in a high school. He gives very good lessons to understand philosophy.

Lessons at TED

TUTORÍA: Igualdad y diversidad

Estos videos e imagenes pueden servirte para hablar y hacer reflexionar a tu alumnado sobre temas relevantes:

Cuando te acosan por la calle pero eres #Miércoles y te quieres vengar. ;)Atentos a la venganza. :PCinéfilos.

Publicada por Cinéfilos en Martes, 11 de abril de 2017


82 frases que un célebre filósofo legó a su hija como manual de vida

Estereotipos invertidos: cuerpos masculinos

Un ejemplo de adolescente comprometida

Serías capaz de escribir un poema como el de este chico?

Flipped classroom: Estos documentales son para ver en casa porque son muy largos. Después hablamos de ellos en clase.




Happy life

Listen to this expert who seems to have found the key to enjoy life and then write your own opinion based on what she said.

Jordan Peterson is a visionary psychologist that can help you lead a better life. Listen to him and write a summary of each rule.

Flipped class:  Listen to the other videos on rules for success on the right so next class you can write your own.


This is a relevant topic we have watched the videos bellow and talked about them  in class and then some ss have done this project for the subject of PIN. See the result in the link

Marta Allende

Marta, María Cascallana and Sara

Read about things to be happy and add your own to the lists