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Social issues: become an activist or do a manifesto

Students read about social issues at this page (pick 2 bachiller) and they do a research project on the issue they feel strongly about. Then use an infographic to present in class to make people conscious of the problem and encourage others to take action and become activists.


Now read more on each issue.

UN Video reports on issues

Here is one of the projects done by students

On Sexual Slavery  and human trafficking  by Christian Betancourt using infographic pictochart


Nestor Abad

Beatriz, Emma, Lucía M, Lucía R, Lidia y Estefanía

MANIFESTO: You can also do a manifesto similar to these examples

We have watched a manifesto from Kieran and we have created our own. 

Elisa, Irene y Adrián

Rebeca y Paula

Sergio Menéndez


Examples of people who have become activists. Think of yourself. Would you like to become an activist of something?. Can you think of more examples

Another inspirational video to give you ideas

About love

We start by reflecting what love is about after listening to these videos. Students write an opinion essay on the issue.

Why do we love?

Why do we love? Here are five philosophical perspectives:

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JAY’s talks

I admire this english teacher, his methodology is similar to mine. I have borrowed this lesson from his open web to use it. We are dealing with finding an ideal partner. After watching the video and discusing about it in groups you have to write about your ideal partner. Reflecting about love is always engaging.


As a follow up do also this awesome lesson


We talked about the idea of love transmitted in the love songs teenagers listen to. Then we wrote some lyrics for a love song with our idea of love.

MAYBE  by Paula Hevia
Maybe our lives were on different paths,
maybe they weren’t supposed to cross,
maybe I should regret our time spent together,
maybe I should not
because now I know I deserve better.
Maybe we were too young,
maybe we confused obsession for love,
maybe we should have thought before acting
but what’s the thrill on that?
In retrospect,
maybe I  wouldn’t do it all over again,

maybe I wouldn’t have changed,
now there’s no time to regret

because there’s no turning back.

Broken heart being repaired
by Nuria Larriba

Love of mine, some day you’ll die
But my soul will follow you into the dark
We will embark into the dark side
and you’ll be my saviour light.

Will stay together till the inescapable end,
I will be yours even when the sun turns black
and the stars fade.

One day will turn to ashes
We won’t mean anything to anyone,
but we mean it now?
We are just broken glasses

I belong to you and you belong to me,
that’s the important thing,
I will take care of you and
you’ll take care of me.

I will posses your heart
and you’ll posses my soul.
I’ll stitch your wounds
and I’ll kiss your past scars.

I promise that someday you’ll be okay,
you only need to forget and
be happy close to me,
please stay forever with me.

If you reject me,
at least I know
I’ll see you at the bitter end
I pray for this not being a song of goodbye.

Sweet sweet love
by Maria Vera

From the first twinkling I saw you,
I’ve wanted to touch you, to have you,
This is a new magical atraction ,that you can’t refuse,
Marvellous sensation, I’ve fallen for you.

I’ll have you baby,
Cause I want you,
This love is sweet as chocolate
I’ll get adicted to it
What are you worried about?
What are you afraid of?
If you keep measuring thing like this,
It may be too late

But… I’ll have you baby,
I want you,
This love is sweet as chocolate
I’ll get adicted to it

The Earth is our environment

Listen to these videos to become aware of how the Earth is suffering

More videos    Conservation International

We listen to the song  What we have done and then you write lyrics critizising similar issues the song has inspired to you.  I also want you to write all the sentences you hear on the present perfect tense about what we have done to the Earth.

Here you can read the lyrics written by a student:

INCOMPREHENSIBLE by Sara Rozados Caballo

Somentimes, when I look out the window,
and I see that glum landscape,
the first thing that cross my mind,
is what we are destroying
it’s incomprehensible

All the things we are pouring to the rivers,
all the fucking tonnes of garbage
that the oceans are swallowing unconciously
due to the selfish human action
it’s incomprehensible

if we travel to the inland
of every single country,
we will find mostly the same,
rubbish, litter, garbage
name as you prefer, it’s the same
it’s incomprehensible

air pollution
water contamination
people killin’
children dyin’
What’s the problem?
It’s incomprehensible

Is what we were searching?
It’s incomprehensible
Is what we really want?
It’s incomprehensible
It’s what the next generation
is going to find ?
It’s incomprehensible

We sholud change it, yeah
so that we can see
people singing,
people claping,
people dancing,
people happy

It’s incomprehensible what we are getting,
It’s incomprehensible what we are doing.

FLIPPED CLASS: At home watch the film and write a critical essay on everything raised in it. In class you will tell others your ideas, thoughts and feelings about it. What does the video make you think? Write what we should do about it. Describe the beautiful scenes.  Have a look too at the facebook video to think about the Earth.

Flipped class: Read this report at home and write a summary of the main facts  giving your opinion and prepare to defend your arguments in the next class conversation on the issue.


Songs with a message

In the computer room and with our earphones we listened to this thought-provoking song which is a critical view on our society.  After listening students wrote lyrics for a song with a social message. Here are some of their writing:

These are the lyrics students have written:

OH, CRAZY LAD! by Rita Fernández

Second, minutes, hours
Passing by, on and on
And you don’t seem to understand
Everything is falling behind

The power is in our hands
But we still can’t find a better way of control
Cause the system is breaking
And we just don’t give a damn

Our home, our world, is shaking, shaking
Our home, our world, is shaking, shaking

Oh, crazy lad!
The world is getting messy
You don’t know what you’ve done
Oh, crazy lad!
My sight is getting hazy
Isn’t yours blurred?
Oh, crazy lad!
Cursed blind ignorance…
Wake up!

Please, couldn’t use your brain for once?
I feel there’s a lot to be solved
And you keep insisting irrationally
Imitating the paterns by media created

Poisoned governments and criminal acts
All in front of everybody’s eyes
We want justice without fight
We claim for truth when we don’t know what’s a lie

Oh, crazy lad!
The world is getting messy
You don’t know what you’ve done
Oh, crazy lad!
My sight is getting hazy
Isn’t yours blurred?
Oh, crazy lad!
Cursed blind ignorance…
Wake up!

World’s complexion is turning dirty black
Pollution is filling even our senses
We’re dying slowly without trying to stop it
The only solution possible: be conscious of it
We need to… Wake up

Oh, crazy lad!
The world is getting messy
You don’t know what you’ve done
Oh, crazy lad!
My sight is getting hazy
Isn’t yours blurred?
Oh, crazy lad!
Cursed blind ignorance…
Wake up!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Don’t you see?
Our home, our world, is shaking…

Darkest ages by Nuria Baranda

Darkest ages:
When you are constantly told off,
When you feel like nothing stands right,
When you feel that they watch you from above
That’s the moment when you should react.

So if nothing goes right,
Turn left
If you don’t want to fight
Just take a deep breath. (x2)

When they take for granted that we just think about ourselves,
That we don’t care about nothing more
When actually we care about themselves
Even more than anyone else.

So if nothing goes right,
Turn left
If you don’t want to fight
Just take a deep breath.(x2)

Shouting continues every hour
Our teachers, our friends, our parents
They believe we are gonna stay for ever
But actually we are loosing interest.

So if nothing goes right,
Turn left
If you don’t want to fight
Just take a deep breath.(x2)

Where is humanity?  by Iván Buelta, Javier del Riego.

Where’s humanity?
Yeah yeah… we live in corrupted days
God doesn’t listen our prays
“Everything is okey” is what politicians say
We are not conscious of the role we play.

Each four years a new president
Who don’t care about our environment
They deserve a severe punishment
Because they don’t contribute in our development

We’ve reached a point where there’s no liberty
Everything you see is cruelty
We have to discover the reality
And make the world a place with more humanity

Dawn of the black gods by Javier Junquera

Murder I was tried , you know it was me
I was the one, that you didn’t see,
Black gods took me from my throne.
But now high in the sky where eagles fly,
Darkness enter the throne,
Open wide the gates my friend!
The Prince will come back now.
Cause, I! I am the one,
Who lost control,
But in the end I’ll be the
Last man standing!

Blow the horn!
Pray to the highest lord who’ll bring the dawn,
I´m the new god in the palace of gold,
Persuade the fate of everyone,
The chaos can begin… Now! Let it in!

Life´s a fight to win,
Whatever my pride would let me,
Not backing down, not giving in,
I wouldn’t lose, I couldn’t…
So many centuries, so many lords,
We were the prisoners of our own fantasy,
But now we are marching against these black gods,
But I’m the prince, I will change it all.

Call it power by: Laura Menendez, Alicia Prada, Ana Castaño

Corrupt politicians in a corrupt World
Stealing humble people money
Everyday’s terrorism and wars
Overwhelming our society and news

A global economic crisis
Sexual slavery
Unemployment and global warming.

Full of addictions
Call it drugs,
Call it money,
Call it power

Destroying where we are living
Respecting nothing but us
Perhaps not even.

Money above education equiality and love,
Children starving for others to wear fancy clothes
Poor countrie’s wounds bleeding the greed of the first world.

Full of addictions
Call it drugs,
Call it money,
Call it power

Full of addictions
Call it drugs,
Call it money,
Call it power

Willing to get more,
Without realising who you’re punching
Turning back when helping others,
Blaming only those who have power
But all together, we are the ones who have the power

We have forgotten to judge people for who they are
Not for where they come from,
Not for the money they earn,
Not for the power they have.

Full of addictions
Call it drugs,
Call it money,
Call it power

Full of addictions
Call it drugs,
Call it money,
Call it power

Whenever by Marcos García

Whenever there’s a killing,
Whenever there’s a crowd,
Willing for some rights to gain,
Asking for a house.

There’s nothing else to say…
Our voice will be silenced again…(x2)

Whenever they steal us,
Whenever we revolt,
Yelling for the people.
Turning on the blast.

There’s something more to say…
Our voice, will not be silenced again…(x2)
Whenever they show us, their guns,
Whenever we risk and answer back,
Fighting for our kids
Burning their streets.
There’s something they may hear
The crowd can’t be contained

Global Peace by Enol Borrego y Sergio Alfonso

We raise our voice in disagreement.
Our rhymes are fluent, we claim for something some more decent.
Recent times politicians permit crime
and we just stay and pray every Christmas for a present.
Imagine, like John Lennon, a better world.
Without ghettos to run away from, fast as Toretto.
Love, all we need is love, that’s the motto.
We seek brothership, not perfection.

Resign by Bárbara Barredo

Don’t pretend you’re blind
As if you don’t see this isn’t fine
They are playing with our minds
And we have learnt to be resigned

Of course I would like a better world
But my votes doesn’t fit in their ballot box.

Pelayo Carril wrote this

I’m forever blowing bubbles. Pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high, nearly reach the sky But like my dreams they burst and die Fortune’s always hiding I’ve looked everywhere I’m forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air No matter where or why My illusions pass by I’m cursed till I die Here my warcry I’m forever blowing bubbles Pretty bubbles in the air They fly so high, nearly reach the sky But like my dreams they burst and die.

Borja Movillo 

What’s happening with us?
We’re going to discuss:
What are happening to them?
They’re hand and we’re pen

We don’t have political force
Just for a river without a course
unforseeable proposals
That are then just simple disposals

Eating our brain
As if we don’t have a crane
Stupid parasites…
Their unbelievable lives in paradises

Life in the future

We watch this stunning video visualizing life in the future and then we talk about what thoughts it provokes.

Students write about how they imagine their life in the future.

What I will be like (I hope)  by Alex Hossbach

What the future holds for us is without a doubt one of those things we have strived to find out since the beginning of our very existence. Yet not even with the most advanced of technologies will we be able to find out what will be of us in say 10, 20, 30 years… And it’s probably for the best too; if we knew what lay in store I would confidently predict that the vast majority of people would simply think what’s the point and give up, but that’s another story altogether. Instead, we have to resort to what we like to call “plans”. Thought-out dreams and hopes we put into words and carefully fit into a life-long schedule.
Like most children I too have been through that “cute” and innocent phase when we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. I think it’s blatantly obvious that if we were to stay true to our answers then there would be entire countries of firemen, policemen, doctors and a fair few more astronauts than there currently are. For me the answer to this question had always been aviation, as I liked to call it, in other words, I dreamed of being a pilot. I’m not ashamed to say that I held onto this idea until not too long ago and it was probably because I wasn’t exactly concerned or bothered in any way or form about what I was to do after leaving school. It seemed such a remote idea that I didn’t feel it was worthwhile to break sweat over it. Nonetheless, I finally came to the realisation that my future does matter. It is here that I encountered my first hurdle.

I’ve always achieved reasonably good marks at school and would describe myself as fairly academic, on most days I enjoy school, but don’t tell anyone… For these reasons I believe university to be the best option. However, and it’s a very big however, the broad and extensive array of courses is somewhat disconcerting, if I remember rightly they number around 1500 in the UK alone. Choosing the subject that’s right for me has always been the most gruelling of tasks, I have a tendency to enjoy them all. Again I found myself having to narrow it down to a few areas that are of particular interest. Among them were history, economics, politics, etc which is quite ironic when you take into account that I’m studying the science branch. But anyhow, that’s as far as I’ve dared go so far. All I have to do at this stage is get good marks so that when the time comes to choose, I have an open plan with many options.
As I have already mentioned I have no long-term projection, I dare not look further for you never know what may happen. However I think most people like to picture themselves doing pretty well, living comfortably and relatively stable at least, who wouldn’t, I suppose. I don’t tend to have dreams about being rich and world-renowned, sure, I’d love that, but deep down I’m rather complacent, both for better and for worse.
I’d like to do well for myself, I like to think that the higher you aim the higher you’ll get and that if you work hard all you need is a bit of luck on your side to reach that goal. I won’t deny that I’m looking forward to being able to decide my own fate and fend for myself, most teenagers do. Nevertheless I’m in no doubt I’ll miss having most things done for me!

Watch these videos of the World economic forum, report what you have discovered.

Halloween stories

We wrote stories for a halloween contest creating eerie atmospheres. We displayed and read all of them in the big screen and voted for our favourite. The  winner was Maria Cascallana with her SPOOKY STORY:


That was what they called “home”. An old building about to collapse because of its irregular pieces of stone that didn’t fit in their place. There was a mark on the wall where there had hung a plate with the owner’s surname engraved on it, and that now was just a melted iron that flowed down the rock until it cooled down. The rooms had no decoration, and the wooden furniture and rest of material possessions that survived the fire had been moved to the second floor.

He survived the flames, too, at least in some kind of twisted game. He was no older than fifteen and knew more about death than people twice his age. His parent’s didn’t care about him enough to name him, so he called himself Richard.

Richard would have been popular among girls in high school, but he didn’t attend classes. His eyes made a high contrast with his cream toned skin, as it was almost impossible to tell if it was green or blue. It was a unique color indeed, but no one would have ever told that to a boy that didn’t have a roof over his head, but a sky full of stars.

Things seemed to be going out better that expected for Richard until the fire he lighted up went out of control and turned into ashes everything he had. He got dangerously burnt on his limbs and right half of his face. Life taught Richard not to trust anyone, but Death is wiser than Life and was able to trick him. Richard died in the fire, his breath stopped thanks to the dark smoke and he never felt anything after that.

He was some kind of living nightmare, with his limbs and face burnt into an ugly black. And he knew it. Sadly, rumors spread as quick as the flames. Curious citizens tend to visit him as almost everyone has heard of the haunted dwelling. Richard wants to be left alone; he doesn’t want to be seen by fools that would make fun of his looks. Hurting another human being was something Richard would have never done, but the boy he was before the fire had died in there. He was just his shadow, with a broken mind that created darker thoughts than the coal that started it all.

The second prize was for Néstor Abad with his story HALLOWEEN STORY:


I did wander for three long boring hours since my torch ran out of battery and my mobile phone got out of signal.

Now the holy round moon was my only guide, I depended on it. I was walking awkwardly through an old stoned path, which didn’t seem to be a quite visited one, as pebbles weren’t too smoothed yet. In fact some dusty spiky stones delimited it, without preventing nasty rats to pass across from time to time.

I knew I could return at that moment. I was too far from the car and I needed a place to sleep without any unwanted animal eyes watching me from the dull forest. The smell of putrefied bodies came to my nose. Trees’ branches attacked me in a sudden move, all at the same time, as human arms. I saw some mossy tombs from outside the ground path cracking down and falling to the dead black grass. A horde of little bats passed over my head, leaving a very uncomfortable high pitched shriek and some smelly excrements. A mysterious opaque fog was following me, eating the forest as it passes by. I could just run forward. Not a look to my back, or I would be lost.


Was that a real light or just a fake image made by my brain, asking for water and a place to rest after that tremendous race against the grey fog? A spooky dark house stood in front of me. It looked as if it had just been taken from the start of last century, but now it was almost destroyed. Ivy was climbing the ancient walls, turning the black greyish colour into a darker green. The squeaky door opened, inviting me to enter the mansion. I was really scared, too scared to think. I got into. I didn’t know what was awaiting me inside.


Next class we listened to spooky stories in the computer room with the earphones. Next day they told the story in front of the class ( students had to remember the story they had listened to) and voted our favourite with an assessment sheet.



This is across-curricular project literacy-ethics-history and geography. Refugees from Africa and Irak come to the school to speak to our students about their life experience. Students then write narratives based on their accounts and do several other activities.

1 Look at the world map of refugees. Read about their rights

2 Watch this video and write about it with this worksheet

3 This is a lesson plan to work with a STORY: Time to flee.

4 Read this POEM written by a refugee boy. What makes you feel and think?

5 Refugee week assembly. Follow-up the project

6 Finish off with this GAME

This is the narration written by a student based on the life of one of the refugees who came to the school. There is an introduction in Spanish of the activity as this was included in an article for the school magazine.

Una lección de vida por Beatriz Gutiérrez

En el curso 2012/2013 un grupo de inmigrantes y refugiados ha visitado nuestro instituto con el propósito de relatarnos qué ha representado para ellos tener que abandonar su país de una manera tan precipitada y sin prácticamente opciones de regreso.
En esta actividad intercurricular en la que han participado los departamentos de Inglés, Ética y Ciencias Sociales, los alumnos de cuarto de la E.S.O hemos tenido la oportunidad de conocer grandes historias de verdaderos héroes que han hecho lo imposible por sobrevivir y proporcionar una segunda oportunidad a sus familias. Ha sido una clase muy instructiva y conmovedora que, además de emocionar a muchos de los asistentes, nos ha permitido conocer la situación por la que están pasando cada vez más personas del tercer mundo.
Siguiendo la temática de la actividad, cada uno de nosotros ha escrito una pequeña historia basándose en los datos que sus experiencias nos han aportado. Éste es uno de los ejemplos:

Getting fed up with something means not being able to cope with it any more. Can you imagine how someone who gets fed up with his country feels? How hard it can be for someone to believe that the place where he has been brought up has turned into such an unbearable mess that there’s no possibility of improvement? With these thoughts in mind Samuel’s story began.
There is no smoke without fire. A country can’t create an immigrant or refugee population without a reason. Nigeria; a region developed by foreigners during the Berlin conference in 1884; is formed by three different nations Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. Each one has a different language or dialect and a different religion, two of them are Catholics and one of them is Muslim. These nations were forced to live together under the British reign. There may be no wars or confrontations between them for small periods of time but there is huge political instability, corruption and poverty which lead to uncontrolled immigration and refugee’s escapes, just like Samuel’s.
On a dark silent night, avoiding controls in border lines, hiding from armed policeman with prepared dogs his journey, as the one of many other escapees, got started. The worst thing was leaving his family behind, an increasing clan with many new members he won’t even get to know. With no baggage or equipment but from what he was wearing he went away without a fixed destination, crossing suffocating deserts and guarded paces into the unknown. Getting caught would mean being taken back to Nigeria, where all his belongings had been sold so as to finance his journey and there was nothing left for him. With no other options going on was the only possibility of survival. Luck and fortune brought him to Spain, but even then he had to struggle so as to establish himself and defeat the prejudices that a great part of the population has against black people.
We, as the population of a developed country, should help these people that suffer and experience dreadful situations by offering them our understandingand showing them that everyone has got the right to choose and the right to have a free life.

As a teacher listening to Samuel there was a sentence that called my attention that he said when he started his talk: «Not all that glitters is gold», in reference to his arrival to the «First world».

André Castillón, the social science teacher has done projects on emigrants related to the lesson of inmigration. Sergio Fernández Cuervo has done a great project about his family.


Persuading to read

Students read for pleasure a book every term at home. They pick it from our library original versions. Then they persuade others in class to read it if they liked it.

Carmen Castaño talks about a book she liked.

Laura Mejido tells us about the book she read for this term.

Have a look at other projects and a leaflet on BOOKS ANF FILMS from our library