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Students are increasingly using new apps to do presentations about themselves (Pow toon or Moovely, Videoscribe…). Have a look at these:

Lucia Sancha

Vanesa Berdasco

Sergio Estrada

Eva Mejido

Celia Corrales

Eva González writes about herself

Students from 3ºA have written some AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL POEMS.

Listen to this written and read by Lucas Fernández

Click on the image to see Daniel  Linde

This is Juan Menéndez project

Angela Alonso created this project


Flipped class. Listen at home and get inspired by listening to this girl talking about herself. Tell us next class what has made you think about your own life.



Is Feminism necessary?

Watch these videos to start reflecting and talking about the issue.

Demuéstrales lo que la locura puede hacer.

El anuncio de #Nike, con la voz de #SerenaWilliams, que nos pone la carne de gallina.

Publicada por Ladies & Ladies en Domingo, 10 de marzo de 2019

Two brilliant students from 2º Bachillerato: Laura Menéndez y Esther Fernández have done a research project on the history of Feminism and have presented their results using Infographics.

Can History become Herstory?

Women in science


What is really Feminism


Read and listen at the World Economic Forum


Tres excelentes documentales sobre la historia del feminismo

70 películas sobre la situación de la mujer en el mundo

8 March International women’s day