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Think critically about this issue and talk about it in class after watching these videos, then write a critical review and send it to me.


Watch all the others on the right at home or in the computer room with your earphones so that you have varied opinions on the issue. Then decide your own rules.

If you want to be an entrepeneur, read this and think of a successsful business:


We consider speaking in public is the most important communicative skill you should acquire so listen to the video and discuss about it in class. Use the tips to prepare your oral presentations. To watch more videos like this either in the computer room or at home as a flipped class click in the link bellow

Even more important than speaking in public is the ability to listen and hold a conversation. Liste to the video and talk about it in class.

Your body language helps more than you think to convey your message. Listen and learn

If you want to learn how to speak with confidence to a camera to make videos listen to the expert Michele Moreno at this video. To learn more sign up into her courses online

Video Productivity tips with Alexis Giostra

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Set smart goals in 2017CONFIDENCE COCKTAILS ♥

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Listen to her here Michele Moreno

Inspiring speeches on issues

It is important you learn to give a speech on a issue you feel strongly about.

First you search information online. Here is a place you can READ about some interesting issues open menu 2ºBACH issues

I show you here examples of my favourite ones, but you can also pick from


FLIPPED CLASS. Listen this speech about the future of the world at home as it is long and then write a critical writing on the issues raised and your views, whether you agree with Chomsky or not.

Reese Witherspoon se negó a seguir intrepretando papeles sin carisma, y le puso remedio

La subestimaron, y Reese Witherspoon se dispuso a demostrar a Hollywood que estaba equivocado, arriesgando su propio dinero.

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Article on the violence against girls.


Read and then write your free speech. Free speech

New Technologies: who invented them?

Students  want to find out who invented the new technologies and apps they use like whatsap, facebook, instagram, mobiles… so each one search info about the one they choose to tell the class about it. Some have used an app like or postermywall to help their oral presentation. You can see some examples bellow. But first let’s listen about who invented Internet.

Students have researched info about who invented the new technologies we use nowadays and used apps : prezzi and pictochart to show the results. See the results:

Lorena López


Alvaro Díaz

Mayte Castillano


Creative teaching

This year we have reflected and talked about how to improve teaching and learning. First we watch this video to spark our ideas.

This is the final project designed by Lucía Thomas y Alicia Melero summarising the ideas raised in class and using the app


Listen to this song lyrics and then write things you are not taught you think should be taught at school.