Inspiring speeches on issues

It is important you learn to give a speech on a issue you feel strongly about.

First you search information online. Here is a place you can READ about some interesting issues open menu 2ºBACH issues

I show you here examples of my favourite ones, but you can also pick from


FLIPPED CLASS. Listen this speech about the future of the world at home as it is long and then write a critical writing on the issues raised and your views, whether you agree with Chomsky or not.

Reese Witherspoon se negó a seguir intrepretando papeles sin carisma, y le puso remedio

La subestimaron, y Reese Witherspoon se dispuso a demostrar a Hollywood que estaba equivocado, arriesgando su propio dinero.

Publicada por Trendencias en Miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Article on the violence against girls.


Read and then write your free speech. Free speech

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