Happy life healthy life. Emotional intelligence

Listen to this expert who seems to have found the key to enjoy life and then write your own opinion based on what she said.

More JAY’s entries

Jordan Peterson is a visionary psychologist that can help you lead a better life. Listen to him and write a summary of each rule.

Flipped class:  Listen to the other videos on rules for success on the right so next class you can write your own.


This is a relevant topic we have watched the videos bellow and talked about them  in class and then some ss have done this project for the subject of PIN. See the result in the links

Marta Allende

Marta, María Cascallana and Sara

Read about things to be happy and add your own to the lists https://www.thingstobehappyabout.com/

Think and write how much time you spend in front of a screen. If it is excessive, decide to change your life to a healthier distribution of your time. Listen to the video to reflect about it.

If you feel stressed out or pressured listen to Jay’s advices to get rid of it. Then talk about it.

A Zen master reveals the giveaway signs of a toxic person and the most powerful way to deal with them


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