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Women achievements are hardly ever recognised, when they should be even more recognised than others as they had to work in harsh conditions. Nobody helped them. Translate their achievements to tell the class. Distribute the women: each students will talk about one of these discovery women.

33 inventos de mujeres

Día de la Mujer y la Ciencia

Siete científicas que cambiaron el mundo, en el #DiaMujeryCiencia En Materia

Publicada por El País en sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017



In 2ºBACH you have to study the history of the big philosophers. Pick a lesson, listen to these lessons and report next class to your classmates what you learnt. You can start with Plato or Stoicism.

As a follow up homework I also recommend to watch at home the spanish TV series MERLÍ, which is about a teacher of philosophy in a high school. He gives very good lessons to understand philosophy.

Lessons at TED

Afghanistan in the 60s and now

The life we live wholly depends on the political system we have been born and raised in. You will realise this question by doing this research and comparative project on the lifestyle of a country like Afghanistan then and today. You read the article, translate the information you need and then search information of how life is there nowadays. In groups of four explain the results of your research process to the class.

Esto es Afganistan ahora, pero cuando veas cómo era en el pasado no lo creerás