Capitalism Consumer society and mass media manipulation

You have to be conscious about how much the capitalist, consumer society influences you, your behaviour and your lifestyle, mainly through publicity. Listen to experts on the topic and their analysis on the issue, then write an essay on the topic to give it to me.

Vandana Shiva

"Estamos en guerra contra nuestra propia estupidez".

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Article on the concentration of money in a few powerful hands.

Watch these images and write what they make you think.

Sad Reality

These Drawings Show What’s Wrong With Our Current Society.Credit: Al MargenImages:

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Students have written this:

Naomi Klein’s No Logo By María Cascallana

Naomi talks about how brands affected the world’s economies and governments during the 90s. She wants to find out the key to success of these “multinationals” and the globalization process. Brands aren’t only a product; they are a lifestyle too. Naomi likes to use the term “No Logo” to refer to the movement against corporations.
What is a brand?
It is a way of mass production that involves a name and a slogan that sends a message to consumers. Brans put local business at risk and broke the bond of trust between customers and shopkeepers. Advertisement was used instead by companies to make customers relate and trust into buying their brand – this is marketing.
How big brands gained popularity
Simply by selling a lifestyle. Few examples are Coca Cola appealing to the young while Disney focused more on childhood nostalgia. Others like Benneton, used diversity in its marketing campaign. In other words, these kinds of companies used experiences and lifestyles in their advertising instead of their actual products.
New kind of advertisement
Celebrities (especially singers and rock stars) no longer had to use traditional means od adverts since they themselves were an icon, their own brand logo.
No choice
Brands are everywhere and it is almost impossible to find a product on a store that isn’t a big name brand. Brands are used in pop culture too, like in TV series for instance, proving the great impact they can have on society as a whole. No space or place is advert-free
The Walmart example
It has its own personal aesthetic – an affordable family store, even though it is a big company. Walmart sells all kinds of products at really cheap prices, while its workers are underpaid for their job and product quality isn’t exactly the best.
Brand meaning
What a company sells isn’t as important as what the company name implies. Image and brand reputation are put into a lot more effort than into manufacturing – goods are usually produced in underdeveloped countries where even child workers are exploited in factories.


We have investigated where and how objects are manufactured worldwide. Laura Alvarez has created this research. Click on the pictochart for a better view.

image                      image

Watch this video and the others related on how polluting the fashion industry is and how can you, as a consumer, make it more sustainable. We will talk then about the importance of clothes and about raising the consciousness about what we wear.

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