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Living Green

The environment is the big issue nowadays. Listen to these videos and report what you have learnt next class. Start by listening to this young activist at the Davos Economic F.

Help Us Stop Global Warming – We Will Plant The Trees

Help us plant trees and stop global warming!

Publicada por 8 Billion Trees en Jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018

El gran discurso de Harrison Ford contra el cambio climático

Este es el discurso que Harrison Ford dio contra el cambio climático.Algunos medios de comunicación han intentado ocultar el verdadero mensaje, que es que necesitamos a la naturaleza más de lo que pensamos y que ella no nos necesita.

Publicada por Spanish Revolution en Jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018

You could do a similar speech in class, advicing, encouraging mates to embrace green actions.

How to reduce plastic in your life


Ecological stories


What the video and write in present perfect What we have done to the world.

FLIPPED CLASS: Watch this film ON GLOBAL WARMING at home to talk about it in the next class.

Men issues

Many Men access sexual education through Porn but this man think differently then tell me if you agree with his ideas and arguments.

Connecting emotionally with others is one of the most important and usually difficult to achieve. Listen to these videos and tell me what they have made you think about about yourself and what have you learnt to improve your life and your reelations.

There are new social concepts of what it means to be a man, less stereotipical, more free. What do you think? Watch the video.

Do you think men should support women in the fight against gender discrimination?

Do you agree with this campaign? would you join it?

Enter the web to see all the commitments Change the world heforshe

Think of an action you can do similar to what this boy does. Small actions can make a big difference. It is in Spanish.