Friday, 30. Travelling to Spain

These are the last images of our trip:

Friday, 30 of June. Last day in Worthing

Before taking the plane, they could walk around Worthing for their last time and say good-bye to their favourite places in the city.

Thursday, 29. In the afternoon

In the afternoon, they went to Brighton again and visited the Royal Pavilion and did the last shopping

Thursday, 29. Certificates

…they received their participation certificates from their teachers

Thursday, 29 of June. The last day in Field Place

Today was the last day at school. They prepared some special activities and…

Wednesday, 28. Other places

Here you can see some other places they visited today, such as Covent Garden and Chinatown

Wednesday, 28. Picadilly

On their way back to Victoria Station, they also went by Picadilly and Leicester Square

Wednesday, 28. The National Gallery

They could also go to the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square. They enjoyed some of the paintings

Wednesday, 28. The London eye

They also got on the London Eye and enjoyed the ride and the views from it