Wednesday, 28 of June. London again

On Wednesday, they went to London again. They saw the Westminster Abbey, the houses of Parlaiment, the Big Ben and the River Thames

Tuesday, 27. Sara’s birthday

Today, it has been Sara’s birthday and she had some surprises from her friends. Happy birthday, Sara 🙂

Tuesday, 27. In the afternoon

In the afternoon, they visited Portsmouth, where they went on a river cruise, saw the Spinnaker Tower and visited some old ships

Monday, 26. Brighton

During the afternoon, they travelled to Brighton. They visited the Tower clock, the pier, the beach, the Amusement park, and could have a nice icecream. As you can see, they are having a beautiful weather

Monday, 26 of June, 2017. In the morning

During the morning, they went to the language school and studied for some hours.

Sunday, 25. Buckingham

Before taking the train back to Worthing, they could visit Buckingham Palace.

Sunday, 25. Hyde Park and Marble Arch

Then, they went to Hyde Park to have lunch on the grass and also saw Marble Arch

Sunday, 25. Natural History Museum

They enjoyed their visit to the Natural History Museum and the dinosaurs there.